Sex dolls rekindle my inner fantasy and impulse for sex

Many people think that the elderly do not have sexual fantasies and do not need sex needs, but is this really the case? Will the emergence of sex dolls reawaken their sexual desires?

My name is Barnett and I am 50 years old. I have spent most of my life, and my life was beautiful. I have a wife who loves me. My wife is very graceful. She sits there quietly, like a blooming water lily. And she is very virtuous and takes care of our family. She has to take care of me as well as the children, she is very busy every day.

Fortunately, my wife gave birth to twins for me and they grew up happily. As their parents, I feel very proud. I hold an important position in the company. The boss appreciates me very much. I get along well with my colleagues. Everything is so fantastic. I went out to talk with customers about the business. They also envy me for having such a successful family. The business cooperation between us has also progressed smoothly.

I feel like I am lucky to be favored by God, everything is so perfect. Who would have thought that at the culmination of my life, my life was at the top of a high cliff, and the sliding of a small stone seemed to put me in the endless cold abyss. I am like stepping on a piece of ice that is about to melt. I am also like a camel that is overwhelmed. Any straw can crush me, making me have to face the darkness and coldness of reality.

Just a while ago, the epidemic of the new coronavirus brought a huge blow to my life. Due to the shutdown of society, everyone must be isolated at home, and our company is also overwhelmed and facing the crisis of failure. Although I have been praying to God in anticipation of the advent of the god of luck, our company inevitably went bankrupt.

I have been old and it is difficult to find a suitable job. Especially under the grim reality, many companies are facing the crisis of bankruptcy, so the job opportunities are particularly difficult. I can only choose to work as a clerk in a small company. I am very busy every day and my salary is especially low. But when I think of my family, I seem to be motivated.

The blow is always one after another. I usually work too busy. I don’t have time to spend time with my family. I feel that I am getting farther and farther away from my wife and children. The first thing I get home every day is to take a shower and sleep. There is less and less communication between us. After a few months, I found that my wife’s clothes changed color, she wore different clothes every day, I admit that this is very beautiful, I seem to remember the good times we loved when we were young.

But listening to my child say that she goes home late every night, and she doesn’t know where to go during the day, and her bags are increasing, I am very curious. So I asked her what she was doing during this time, and I had an answer in my heart, but I dare not admit it. I can only hope that my wife will not say those cruel words. But my wife admitted that she was dating a man recently. I understand in my heart that our family has come to an end, but for the sake of our children, I choose to forgive my wife and maintain our apparent marriage relationship.

After I learned that my wife was cheating, I didn’t want to have sex with her anymore. I also didn’t want to go out to find a prostitute. I had to solve my own physical needs. One time I heard some videos about sex dolls, I clicked in and watched, it was fascinating. So I decided to buy a sex doll to meet my sexual needs, let her accompany my life and enrich more sex life.

After I received my sex doll, I felt that my whole life was different. She just made it for me. She is a young big breast sex doll, my god, her skin is white and silky like milk! Her blue eyes were as deep as the ocean, and her eyelashes kept blinking at me, flying like a butterfly on her eyes.

I can admit that everything in here is in line with my fantasy for a future partner. She came to me like an angel. We tried a lot of different sex positions, everything is so gorgeous! I feel like I am back at my young age. I am as young and energetic as when I was young, and I feel my strength is back. At this time, I feel that I am not a middle-aged and elderly person over half a year old, but a young and energetic person.

I am no longer young. I even thought my sex needs were over. I thought I had no desires, but my sex doll helped me find the feeling of being young and she gave me a new life.

I don’t talk much with my wife now. We are like strangers, but I don’t feel lonely in my heart. I know that my full-size sex doll has always been by my side, she will not abandon me, nor will she deceive me. I am her whole world. I have been extremely satisfied with the doll. I love my sex doll.