How should we view the surge in sales of sex dolls during the epidemic?

Although many people are vaccinated now, that does not mean that we are in a completely safe state.

As mentioned earlier, countries have responded differently based on the number of reported cases and the severity of the situation. Due to their early reaction, all these places suffered major setbacks and many new cases were reported. Regardless of whether the virus is spread locally or back from abroad, one thing we can be sure of is that it is not a safe thing to reopen too early. We can learn lessons from the open countries that cannot be opened without protective measures. As the numbers continue to grow, it is difficult to say when we will return to the “normal” world. Due to this incident, the sales of mini sex dolls have soared, so how should we view this matter?

First of all, there should be a correct attitude towards sex dolls. They should not be abused at will, nor can they be regarded as sacred. Sex dolls are ultimately just a tool to vent their desires. These sex dolls are very beautiful and are the best materialists. May associate with them, they are the most real, material-like property that some people have, making them stand out from the destructive reality that the world provides for them. These people are happy, they live a happy life, no matter how futile someone thinks their state of happiness. I think this is the most outstanding and unexpected benefit they have found.

Secondly, now think about it, is there anything in this world that is closer to real materialism than sex dolls?

Well, I don’t think it is, this statement summarizes most of what I want to cover in this article. The artificial human-like specimens that can have individuality through the power of AI can have many benefits for people who are only disappointed in their interpersonal relationships but feel in need. We human beings are social animals, and it is impossible to live alone in this world. Therefore, silicone sex dolls are a kind of companionship, a product that reduces your loneliness, our social interaction, our communication, and all our connections are in Prevent us from feeling lonely, and so do sex dolls.

Finally, in the rapid development of science and technology, we have too many unforeseen things, but all new products appear to solve a certain human problem, so don’t worry about it coming. On the contrary, we wait patiently and It would be a better attitude to enjoy yourself. We are on the verge of another stage of the technological revolution. Maybe from here, who knows what new changes will be brought about by the creation of these beautiful masterpieces, but I believe there will be More and more people accept it. I see a future, as the number of people who own these big boobs sex dolls increases to fill the emotional gap created by this fast-paced urban lifestyle. The unexpected benefit is that when you buy a doll and start using it, you will gradually find a journey into a new adventure. I think this is a way to gain emotional power. This is a way we don’t mainly know, but it is obvious that few people in the world find it. Now it is being known and used by more and more people. This is not a shameful thing. On the contrary, it can solve the social problems we are suffering. Regarding the surge in sales of sex dolls, this is the trend of the times and cannot be avoided. It also proves the importance of curvy sex dolls.